Straka Speech Castle Rock provides individual and group speech therapy by experienced, certified Speech Language Pathologists.

Our therapy is evidence based and family focused. Patients receive individualized support through regularly scheduled therapy sessions with the same therapist. Consistent family support and training teach patients’ families how to facilitate progress outside the therapy session.

Conveniently located in central Castle Rock, we are easily accessible to families in Castle Rock, Monument and South Denver.

Straka Speech Star of the Month

Theo has been a shining star at Straka Speech! Here’s what his mom has to say:

“Theo started at Straka Speech a few months before he turned 2. At that point, he had maybe 5-10 words and did most of his communicating non-verbally. Theo is turning 3 this month and his speech skills have grown by leaps and bounds. He now has a desire to use words to communicate his thoughts and needs. He still has some work ahead of him in regards to enunciating properly, but now he has the motivation to try. Every week his speech gets a little better. The best part of taking Theo to Straka Speech is how much fun he has and how much he loves going. I’m so glad Theo started with Emilie so early, before he had a chance to get too far behind. With Emilie’s help, he has been able to achieve so much! He really needed the speech skills to be able to fully become the funny, social, little class clown that he is. Theo has grown so much in the past year, and I look forward to continuing to watch him let his personality shine through!”


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