Straka Speech Castle Rock provides individual and group speech therapy by experienced, certified Speech Language Pathologists.

Our therapy is evidence based and family focused. Patients receive individualized support through regularly scheduled therapy sessions with the same therapist. Consistent family support and training teach patients’ families how to facilitate progress outside the therapy session.

Conveniently located in central Castle Rock, we are easily accessible to families in Castle Rock, Monument and South Denver.

Straka Speech Star of the Month

“Reese is a fun loving, sweet and sassy five-year-old. She loves animals, dancing, camping, biking and wearing ‘fancy’ clothes and jewelry. From birth, she has always had a special way of connecting with everyone she meets. She loves to chat and is a social butterfly!

Reese started speaking early and has a huge vocabulary. Last school year, it started to become more apparent that classmates and friends were having a hard time understanding her. We would have to translate what she was saying to friends and family who did not see her on a regular basis. After a failed speech assessment at school, we came to Straka Speech for help. Ms. Hannah has been instrumental in teaching Reese to properly pronounce her sounds so her speech is clear and easy to understand. Ms. Hannah makes each session fun and Reese is engaged the entire time. We have seen huge improvements in a few short months. We are so thankful for Ms. Hannah and her dedication to our girl. Reese has gained so much confidence and is ready to conquer kindergarten in the fall!”

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